GAM TV | Mantelzorg ambassadeur Veronica van de Kamp

Veronica van de Kamp

Mantelzorg/Mantelzorg Ambassador

Stichting GAM

Voorzitter Email:

Mobiel: 06-41394883

Stichting GAM is a film theater group which was registered since 2002. We use drama as a tool to give information and education, especially to the African community who are very difficult to reach.

As a mantelzorg myself and a Mantelzorg Ambassador, I come across most of the African mantelzorgers, and see the emotional stress and depression most of them are going through because of lack of information and not knowing about the possibilities they can have.

Stichting GAM use drama to demonstrate the problem and then interview organization and the Professional who they can reach for help if they are in such situation. This makes it very easy because they recognize the situation they are in being played on GAM TV by actors. Professionals talking about the problems and letting them know there is help. During the Corona period we worked together with Markant by making videos to answer most of the question and problems the African Mantelzorger are going through.

Using drama to give information and education opens doors for discussion and makes the message lighter and breaks the taboe around it.

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